My Dream House

My dream house is located in Lanai. Lanai is a small island in Hawaii, so it has a small population. Most of the people in Lanai know one another, and they have a friendly approach towards one another. The Lanai’s weather is generally moderate, and it has relatively warm winters and cool summers. Lanai has beautiful beaches and valleys. My dream house is located next to one of the beautiful beaches of Lanai, Hawaii. My dream house is in Lanai because Lanai is a peaceful and beautiful city.

The Interior Design of the House
My dream house has a unique design because of the application of Persian architecture in modern design. Most of the buildings that have structures based on Persian architecture have high ceilings with drawings on them. My dream house has a high ceiling, which has been decorated with drawings of the sky. The house has several windows around it, which allow sunlight to enter and warm the house. Most of the windows have a view of the ocean. There are three master bedrooms, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one living room, two family rooms, one laundry room, and one kitchen. The first floor of the house consists of one living room, one family room, one bathroom, one-bedroom, and one kitchen. The second floor has two master bedrooms, two bedrooms, one bathroom, one laundry room, and one family room. The master bedrooms have balconies and have a view of the ocean. Each of the bedrooms’ walls has different light colors corresponding to its usage and the personal interest of its residents. The rooms have antique furniture, which matches the color of the ceiling, the walls, and the windows’ curtains. The floors are covered with hardwood and Persian rugs. The meditation room is for spiritual activities. The meditation room provides a peaceful environment for its residents to meditate and read books. The kitchen has modern devices, such as a microwave, oven, hood, and refrigerator. The living room has beautiful paintings on its walls and a gorgeous chandelier, which adds to its splendid environment. Each of the family rooms has two couches and one television in it and provides a comfortable environment for the family members to get together.

The Exterior Design of the House
The exterior of the house has decorated with white and pink tiles. A gorgeous garden surrounds the house. The garden has lots of beautiful flowers, such as yellow and red plumerias, Tahitian gardenias, and birds of paradise. There is a swimming pool in the shape of a heart and a circular jacuzzi in a corner of the garden. There are several sun shields next to the swimming pool, so residents of the house can rest under it. In front of the house, there are several tables and seats, so residents of the house can get together around the tables and enjoy the view of the ocean. There is a barbeque oven next to the tables, so the resident can barbeque their food while they spend time together.

The Technical Design of the House
My dream house is one of the new innovative houses in terms of being energy efficient and affordable that Stanford University has designed it. The house revolves around the Core, which is a module that consists of all of the main mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems including the kitchen, bathroom, and utility room. Shiny metal covers the complex mechanical systems inside the Core. The Core displays feedback about energy consumption at different locations inside the house over a period of time, which allows its residents to reach their energy goals. Residents of the house can easily find out their energy usage at different locations and reduce it. The windows have double-glazed glass to prevent the energy lost through windows when the inside’s temperature and outside’s temperature are different. The house has solar energy panels on its roof to utilize the light energy of the sun and transform it to electrical energy. The house has motion sensor lamps to reduce the electrical energy usage. The motion stimulates the motion sensor lamp, so the lamp turns on when it detects a motion and turns off when there is no motion.

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