My desire to help homeless people

6 years a go, I was renting a room. It was during a Christmas time, that my roommates asked me to move out because her son was moving in. For sure, I did not want to stay, but I had a limited time to find a place, and move out by the end of December. During that Christmas break, I visited a homeless shelter to distribute warm clothes. I was shock by the poor quality of homeless shelter. The homeless shelter was not in a third world country. Instead, It was in a United States of America. Since my visit to homeless shelter, one of my deepest desires is to help homeless people. If I see one in the streets, I try to give them money or food. I wish I could do more to help them.

There are several causes that can lead to be homeless which includes mental health problems.

Mental Health in USA

Health insurance was not available to every one till president Obama created the Obama Care, a program that helps low income families to have medical and mental insurance. Obama care is a relatively great insurance when it comes  to medical needs, but It is not that great for mental health. There are few organizations and clinics that accept medical, Obama Care insurance, for mental health.  There are long wait-lists for psychiatrist and therapists, so people do not get the help they need. In addition due to the chaotic life in USA, most people are dealing with their own problems and do not have time to help others. 



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  1. There are many different reasons why people become homeless. We often see homeless people and think that they are mentally ill but in most cases they are just as sane as you are. Let’s help and support them in whatever way we can especially in light of this Covid-19 pandemic.

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