Everything You Need to Know to Find Happiness

Abbas Shah, the King of Iran in the 14th century, was the richest person in the country, and  he had a beautiful wife and lots of servants around him. However, he was not happy, so he sent his personnel to find the wisest person to answer his question: “what is happiness and how can I get it?.” Eventually they found a wise person to answer the King’s question. He answered it beautifully: “You are looking for happiness in the wrong places, because you cannot get happiness in the outside world.

Most of us are seeking happiness in our lives and reaching for happiness is the purpose of most of our actions. The demand for happiness advice is vast and many different thinkers have offered their views.There are different advice about happiness by classic Chinese philosophers, as well as contemporary New Age thinkers and self-help authors. In a period of time , which I had to deal with some kind of personal problems, I was very sad.

I was looking for a way to help me to be happy again, so  I had a research at De Anza College library about happiness, and I found useful articles. After reading the articles, using their method, I was able to cope with my sadness.

I would like to inform you that new age view about reaching to happiness which states that happiness can be achieved only from within when we support it by controlling our thoughts, and  living in present time.

I.The new age thinkers believe that happiness is reached  by developing an ability to control our thoughts and shift our attention to the source that bring calmness for us, we will experience happiness.

1)Our lives and the problems that we experience are not always perfect, and sometimes we experience chaotic situations and to be happy seems impossible.

A). According to the “The (Scientific) Pursuit of Happiness,” the key to happiness lies in the ability to control what is sometimes called the “monkey mind,” the undisciplined consciousness that scrambles from thought to thought(Fields 1)

2)Thus, if we learn how to control our mind and instead of paying attention to each little thought and react to it, we shift our attention to the sources that bring calmness for us, we will experience happiness.

Now that we know more about Happiness is more inner feeling instead of external and it depends on our interpretation of the situation and events.

  1. Happiness is within us when we are fully open to the present and do not live in the past and future. 

1)Even thought, most of us are seeking happiness, we fade away our happiness by carrying our experiences of the past and by thinking, talking about our experiences and sharing them with other people. Also, when we are free of the past, we are worried about the events that might happen in the future, and we do not have any control on them.Therefore, one way to reach  happiness is when we control our thoughts and try to do not pay attention to them and be still.

A)I have experienced that when I tried to fully open to the present. I have more energy to do my daily life responsibilities, and events happen in a way that makes me happy. 

B)According to “New age advice: ticket to happiness” The meditative state of mind is recommended for two reasons. First meditation could be a key to lower stress and to control emotions. Second, meditation is a tool for mindful living, for experiencing life fully.According to New Age followers, most people are too busy to be mindful. By worrying or fantasizing about the future or thinking about the past, people miss out on life itself.”



III  Listening to the inner consciousness voice helps us to make choices in which reaches us to the peace that brings ultimate happiness for us. 

1)Inner insight is considered to be the most reliable source of information that we connect to it when we are open to the inner signals. 


A)according to “New age advice: ticket to happiness.”” Throughout history, humans have always talked about the experience of gut feelings or hunches that have directed us at various times in the decisions we make in life. Even in the face of this cultural disapproval, most of us have continued to use such feelings half consciously; we just didn’t discuss them much


In conclusion, happiness is a balance in our mind and is something that human beings have constantly strive to achieve. Gaining true happiness is often the main purpose of every action we do in daily lives. When we communicate with other people to find emotional support, when we go to school and work, we are ultimately trying to gain happiness. We get joy through financial wealth, by having emotional support from our family and friends, and by achieving our material desires. However, true and supportable happiness comes from inner complacence whether we have a good situation or not, whether we have an emotional and financial support or not. Therefore, we just need to connect to this source of joy and support this inner satisfaction by controlling our mind and live openly in a present time and listen to our inner voice.

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