My name is Naz Dayani, I am an Iranian American who is in love with culture, arts, and travel, which is what inspires some of my content here, as well as writing about local news, environmental issues, politics, and women’s rights. These are all topics that I advocate for and will be posting about on a regular basis here in this space.

I’m multi-lingual, being fluent in Turkish, Persian, Arabic and English. I spoke Persian while growing up in Iran, and then learnt the other languages in school and during my travels. I’ve frequently visited Turkey most recently and for a while now, which has grown my appreciation for its culture and historical sites. This has of course, peaked my interest in a lot more places and wanting to share with the world, through this blog, my amazing discoveries and political topics that intrigue me. Some of the other countries I have travelled to are Canada, London, and the US, being my country of residence.

I hope you find this lifestyle blog as fulfilling as I do sharing my content with you! Join me in the conversation and subscribe to stay updated on everything new.


Naz Dayani