5 Steps for Living a Completely Waste-Free Life

It’s no secret that the planet is dying, climates are changing, and our incessant trash is choking the earth, ocean, and air we breathe.

We’ve hit a pivotal time in human history where we must make a conscious effort to do something about the environmental footprint we are leaving in our wake. Beyond recycling, which many times, involves more trash build-up, is living what is known as a zero-waste life.

What is Zero Waste?

Zero waste is exactly as it sounds – it’s living a life in which you create zero waste. That’s right, you personally will never have to take out the trash, because there will be no trash.

As you can imagine, this is not an easy feat. Many famous waste-free people in the world all warn it doesn’t happen overnight. If you want to live waste-free, then you are going to need to adjust to that kind of lifestyle and mindset. It can’t just happen in one night or you will get overwhelmed, frustrated, and upset.

Before you go zero waste, this article argues you need to establish your why.

Why are you going waste-free? If it’s to look cool or have something to tell people at a party, that’s not going to be enough to get you there. It needs to be deeper than that. You need to want to do it for yourself, your living space, communities, the planet, developing nations, and everyone else impacted by our wasteful habits today. Your why needs to be extremely tangible.

If you have the why, then here are a few tips for starting your new sustainable waste life:

  1. Bye, Bye Plastic: You can use glass, bamboo, and stainless steel as your new product materials. Use these products over and over again, as well as transport them as needed.
  2. Reusable Cloths: Instead of paper products, like cups and plates, use cloth or bamboo versions that you can reuse.
  3. Repurpose Food Scraps: Food scraps can be used to create new food, feed plants, or put into a compost, where you can use the fertilizer to grow new plants.
  4. Biodiesel Fuel: Oils and other fats can’t be put in the composting bin. But, you can collect them in metal cans and donate them to be used as biodiesel fuel in your local community.
  5. Reusable Bags: Say goodbye to the wasteful plastic bags at all major stores. Bring your own reusable bags or cloth bags each and every time you shop.
  6. Bring Lunch: Buying meals out can be an incredibly wasteful experience. If you pack your own lunch with metal utensils and cloth napkins, you can create zero waste, even at your place of employment.

Go Waste-Free Today

I challenge you to start making an effort to live with zero-waste. Even if you only do two of the six things mentioned above, that kind of activism stacks up. The planet needs our help.


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